About Us
Yacht Club Port Rousse was founded to encourage and
promote sailing, aqua-sports and tourism on the Danube river
and the adjacent waters. Our club provides the members with
access to boats, facilities and a clubhouse to enjoy their mutual
interest and share their experience.
How To Find Us
Our clubhouse and marina berths are situated on
the right riverside of Danube, inside the firth at 496 km.
It’s very close to the city centre ( 5 minutes afoot ) as
well. To see a detailed map, click here.
News & Events
To Our Visiting Yachtsmen
Whether you need fuel, water, food, small repair or you
just want to stop for few day in Rousse, we’ll be happy to help
For your comfortable staying in Rousse we offer berthing
places, electricity and water supply, wireless promotional Internet, hot
showers, bedroom, laundry, beverages more... .